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Masquerade Masks – From Past to Present

Did you know that Shakespeare arranged the first meeting of his extremely popular characters, Romeo and Juliet, at a Masquerade Ball?

History suggests that the now world famous Masquerade Masks originated in Venice, Italy during the 15th Century. They were primarily in use by general public before Masquerade Balls came into existence in 16th Century Renaissance. Further theories suggest that the original usage was meant to conceal identity of the wearer as well as to equalize people from higher and lower classes during public events.

Masks in the 16th Century

Colorosa Chiocciola Blue/azzuro

Masquerade Balls were frenzied events that carried the auras of mystery and charm. The events included elaborate dancing, socializing between various strata of society and of course, the unparalleled masquerade masks for women as well as men. The masks enhanced the liberal nature of these events, as identities could not be determined. People could raise their concerns and indulge in extravaganzas of any nature without worrying about the repercussions. The masks of that time were mainly molded from clay and velvet with an array of decorative like feathers and colored stones (even the occasional precious stones for the richer crowd). The designs were so varied that two of a kind were a rare sight indeed.

The Laws against the Use of Masks

Towards the 18th century, laws were put in place to limit the use of masks on a regular basis. By this time, the masks carried the façade of intrigue, often being referred as dissident. However, their use in theatre was omnipresent throughout the ages as it is even today for certain plays.

Masquerade Masks as Home Décor in Today’s Times

Goccia Macrame Crackle Masks

In modern times, Venetian masks for women and men adorn many a collectors homes. They are a part of décor of many contemporary homes, adding a historical aura around them and, of course, enhancing the look as well!

Masquerade Themed Events in the 21st Century

Masquerade themed parties came in vogue as it allowed people to embrace a historical style of hosting as well added the thrill factor. Some weddings have been based on the Masquerade themed that included the use of Venetian masks for women and men. Charity events also have used this theme time and again to help spread their message.

The Venetian Carnival is a prevalent festival dedicated to art and the history of Masquerade. This lively event attempts to encompass the history and past of the earlier centuries. A great number of people visit the ever-romantic city of Venice to get a feel of times that once were.  If you get a chance to visit Italy during this time, you will get an incandescent feeling of the past where Masquerade Balls popularized Masquerade masks for women and men.


Three Creative Ways To Display Your Venetian Masks

Venetian Masks have long been used as an elegant display item in households around the world.

If you have your own collection of these masks, but are yet to display it, this article will help you gain a creative perspective for your home décor.

Read on to find new ideas on where the masks can be displayed and how the look of your home can be enhanced with these beauties.

On Your Patio

Pierrot Mask

Especially suited for an outdoorsy look is Moon Venetian Masks. Hang them over a seating area or even place them on a center table for an exotic teatime look. They go well with not only wooden backgrounds but even in a grassy area.

On a Bare Wall in your Living Room/Den

What better way of doing it than putting up Venetian masks on a bare wall or den? If you feel more adventurous, you can experiment with long flowing fabrics like velvet and brocade which can adorn the mask as drapes. All you need to do is drill some holes for the mask and fabric to give the mysterious aura of times that once were. This gives an enchanting effect and a unique new look to your existing wall.

Remember that the mask needs to be the center of attention and the fabrics and colors you choose should not overpower it.

On A Wooden Chest

When you look at a wooden chest or treasure chest, you instantly think of royalty. If you have a chest at home or plan to procure one for a prominent corner of your house, Moon venetian masks make a great addition to portray a historical feel and add charm to your room.

How to Display them?

Moon Smiling Brown Deco

Once you have identified a place for your masks, make sure the way in which you display them is also appealing.

  • Consider tying the back of your mask into a bow with the help of an elegant ribbon. Use this to hang your mask from a hook or on a nail on a wall in your home.
  • You can also get your mask placed in an exquisite shadowbox that is made out of a wooden frame and a clear glass. You can find these in various sizes in any framing or crafting store.
  • A very creative way to display your elegant mask is by placing it on the head of a mannequin. If you own a fashion boutique or furniture store of your own, this is a great way to draw attention to various sections of yur store.

Masks should be displayed in a place from which it can be appreciated. Remember, you need to pick a place that will compliment the mask as well as enhance the area that displays it.