The Ideal Venetian Masks – Summer 2013

Summer is finally here— Let the party begin! Whoa, and let us not forget the most looked forward to occasion of the season—Fourth of July!

So you have got a big masquerade bash in the offing and you want to look classy and stylish at the same time? A brilliant idea is to match your elegant outfit with the right kind of Venetian mask to complement your attire that will help you look like a million bucks.

The hot trends we are witnessing this season are:America Silver Macrame White Feathers

Trends for Women

  • Long Slits: This elegant style is reminiscent of Hollywood kind of glamour
    Mask to pick: Columbina Monica Gold/White
  • Leather: Not just the jackets, we are seeing the entire dresses, skirts and shorts made out of leather
    Mask to pick: Malazia Black mask
  • Neon: This trend is seen largely in accessories
    Mask to pick: Elfe with Plume Stick Red
  • Streaks: Big, bold stripes (mostly black and white) appearing on dresses, gowns, shirts, trousers.
    Mask to pick: Colombina Black/White
  • Shades of Blue: The mint and electric blue are perfect for a fresh summer look.
    Mask to match: Colombina Crackle Blue Stucco
  • Flowery Prints: This carried over trend from spring can be seen on dresses, t-shirts and skirts.
    Mask to pick: Colorosa Chiocciola

Trends for Men

  • Style Tailoring: Suits this season are simply brilliant. Trend includes summery suits with a bold print or pattern with a metallic finish
    Mask to pick: Bauta Silver Macrame
  • Stripes: Be it suits or shirts, statement stripes are one of the foremost trends for summer 2013.Incas Green Feathers
    Mask to pick: Columbina Stucco Brown/Gold Music
  • Pinky Pink: No longer considered as girly color, is flaunted with ease.
    Mask to pick: Full Face cut out
  • Shades of Blue: Every shade of blue does the trick of enhancing the glam quotient
    Mask to pick: Columbina White 1 / 2 Macrame

Here are a few tips on how to select the right kind of Venetian mask for you that will blend perfectly well with the latest trends in vogue.

  • Select your outfit. We know it is a tedious job but then you have to do it in order to select a mask in a timely manner
  • Find a reputable seller of authentic masks. All you need is an authentic Handmade Venetian mask that should not only make you look beautiful but should also be long lasting
  • Skim through the different styles of masks available bearing in mind the following:

    • Event type: Is it Casual, formal or theme based
    • Dress Type: Short or long, Color
    • Accessories

  • Pick the mask that suits your personality the most. Go in for a mask that will keep you at ease and self-assured all night.

So wear the right mask and gear up for a trendy, mysterious and glamorous party!


About Toren Monson

Toren Monson is a professional event organizer and a party planner. He’s now a happily married husband and a father of two. He enjoys sharing his wisdom with others. When he's not into event advice; he likes to spend his time with his children and writes blogs and articles on all different types of gift items such as Venetian masks, Venetian carnival masks, and other various types of theme party masks.

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