Feather Up for Some Feather Mask Fun!

Venetian masks come in various shapes, colours and style. They often have quite dazzling designs and decorations. Of course, there are some toned down ones too for people with simpler preferences. Though masks were used to hide the wearer’s identity in ancient times, nowadays they’re use more for pleasure and to bring life to parties and other celebratory events.

Masks range from the full face ones, to the ones that partially cover the face, to ones covering the eyes only. The possibilities are endless. Innumerable designs and styles are available in each category. Options offered include plain black, gold or silver macrem, white deco and many more. Masks can be scary enough to be used at Halloween parties as well as dignified enough for events like masquerade balls.Full Face Black/aqua Tiger Feathers

A mask popular with people who prefer a slightly flashy appearance is the Full Face Feather Mask. Such masks can be truly creations of art. They can give an impression of mystery, romance, intrigue and secrecy all at once. Now isn’t that something! The feathers of different birds such as ostriches, peacocks, turkeys and even eagles are used. Artificial fibres are sometimes used to create a colourful feathery appearance.  Some styles have multi-coloured fans along with feathers to give the masks a more unique appearance.

Full face feather masks sometimes have artistically painted faces, complete with delicate features, curvy lips and well-proportioned eye holes. The face is beautifully framed by feathers which give the appearance of a wig. The upper part of the mask may be covered by a small glittering silver or gold eye mask. This gives an appearance of two masks in one and it’ll be hard to resist picking up something like this.

Some masks are fully handmade and make you look almost regal. So if you want to look like a price, princess or even a Red Indian, full face feather masks are just the thing for you. These masks are so detailed and elaborate; you may not even recognize the face looking back at you in the mirror!
America Silver Macrame White Feathers

Masquerade balls, Prom Parties, May Balls and many such events offer a great change to enjoy using state-of-the-art masks. A popular theme for these parties is ‘Black & White’. If you’ve received an invite to such a do, you have a great chance to go in for pretty white masks or masks with a combination of black and white adornments. White masquerade masks are a big hit with people of all ages. Plain white leather masks are a good idea if you want a ghostly or phantom like appearance.

Venetian masks symbolize intrigue and beauty. In addition to being worn at various events, they can be used as wall hangings and decoration pieces to add a rich look to the décor of homes, offices, hotels and other places needing a beautiful ambience.

A well-crafted Venetian mask that has been exquisitely designed is an asset you’ll want to preserve for a lifetime. These masks can be passed down the years as heirlooms and treasured by many generations.


About Toren Monson

Toren Monson is a professional event organizer and a party planner. He’s now a happily married husband and a father of two. He enjoys sharing his wisdom with others. When he's not into event advice; he likes to spend his time with his children and writes blogs and articles on all different types of gift items such as Venetian masks, Venetian carnival masks, and other various types of theme party masks.

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